Sunday, May 13, 2007


Shooting at the Barcelona Worlds Fair Site proved to be an interesting challenge. There were several remaining structures, including the Magic Fountain, several pavilion buildings, and the Mies Van Der Rohe designed German pavilion. This area---known as Montjuic---is quite touristy, as it is the entrance to an area with several very important museums and cultural institutions. However, the most challenging part proved to be ´Construmat,´a huge expo devoted to such things as tractors, swimming pools, hot tubs, and other such things. So, I had to shoot an originally temporary fair with a temporary fair being built on top of it. As a result, several of my large format photographs include not only the structure from the 1930 fair, but some quite nice hot tubs as well.

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Fabiola said...

Even you are not a fan of architecture you may became after a visit in Barcelona;all his work ,all the houses he built gives you a strange feeling.I felt little in front of such a genius.And not only Gaudi...Walking in Barcelona it`s enough to look upside to see a lot of wonderful things .You don`t need to visit any museum .The entire town is a masterpiece.Not only Gaudi`s houses attract your eyes ,but every street corner ,every house can offer great surprises.For this you must have wide eyes open and a good camera.