Thursday, May 24, 2007

PARIS: 3 Shoots

Shooting in Paris was pretty rough, as we had to cart around the equipment on crazy rush hour Paris metros. Additionally, the most famous World Fair structure in existence had to be shot for the project---the Eiffel Tower. Shooting it was rather uninspiring what with the hordes of tourists, but there were some beautiful neoclassical sculptures of voluptuous nudes enjoying life throughout the site.

Shooting the Paris structures has been very challenging, as it is the first time I am shooting enormous neoclassical buildings with my 4 x 5. Finally I am getting confidence in exactly how shooting with each of my 3 lenses will appear, and the quirks of each. Specifically, working on the Petit Palais and the Grand Palais was a lesson in documenting large buildings accurately.

Today---albeit sunstroke and too much pate and cheese---involved shooting the Palais de Tokyo, which was the most inspiring Paris shoot of the week. Once again the buildings consisted of neoclassical columns and sculpures of voluptuous nudes. However, the fountain was dried up and filled with glittering broken glass and beer cans and a smelly green funk, and some graffiti artists were hard at work tagging while I was shooting. It is things like this I find most exciting in this project: interesting juxtapositions between bloated concepts of nationalism through Expo architecture combined with normal, contemporary urban life.

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