Sunday, May 27, 2007


Seville is where I originally had the idea for this project, so it was very exciting to come back with my equipment and make some work. In the intense Mediterranean heat, I shot amazing abandoned pavilions and a mosquito infested, beer can littered fountain. There was so much I feel I will have to come back to complete the job.

Here are a few digital snapshots of the 1992 Seville site. I will probably post my real work to the blog in a month or two once all of my film is processed and scanned, so keep in mind that these are merely backup snapshots.

So that wraps up the European shooting for now! I am hoping I can get funding to continue this project, and examine the architecture and environment of all the world fair sites in the world. In July I will be doing some work in the US, most likely site locations around the west coast. Stay posted---more to come. Ciao!

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